What Are Students Like at This Learning Level?

Dance students at this intermediate-to-advanced level are often quite serious about their goals. Even if they are not planning on becoming professional dancers, they might be thinking about studying dance in college, pursuing a related career in the performing arts, or exploring a dance-oriented profession such as sports nutrition or kinesiology. All probably have well-developed, individual aesthetic ideas. The following is a quick look at some of the behaviors you are likely to encounter in this diverse, challenging mixture of students.

What Students Can Do at This Level

The learning outcomes below are based on the Scope and Sequence, which builds instruction sequentially across these levels. Keep in mind that students of different ages may be at the same level.
High School Level III Students Can… High School Level IV Students Can…


consistently perform intermediate to advanced dance technique grounded in ballet, jazz, and modern fundamentals

demonstrate a high level of consistency in performing advanced technique


use improvisation to effectively solve movement problems

validate the use of improvisation in choreography


choreograph a dance expressing an emotional state and revise it over time, articulating the decisions made

constructively critique the creative process used by a fellow student to choreograph a dance


develop movement studies demonstrating dance styles of other cultures or time periods

choreograph dances reflecting the styles of noted choreographers


keep a journal documenting personal progress and goals of dance study

identify and analyze various careers in dance