What Are Students Like at This Learning Level?

Art students in late high school fall into various categories. Some may take advantage of an elective course because it is something that has piqued their interest. Other students are more serious about art; they may be thinking about studying art in college and pursuing a life-long commitment to art-making. The following is a quick look at what you might encounter at this learning level.

What Students Can Do at This Level

The learning outcomes below are based on the Scope and Sequence, which builds instruction sequentially across these levels. Keep in mind that students of different ages may be at the same level.
High School Level III Students Can… High School Level IV Students Can…

analyze and evaluate how an artist portrays his or her ideas and to what degree of success

discuss an artist’s style in relation to his or her career and how life events impacted those styles and choices

choose a primary medium or method (2-D, 3-D, Photo, Drawing) to work in

push the limits of a chosen medium and show evidence of self-discovery

apply ideas and theme development within a distinct personal vision that is innovative and imaginative

continue to work, using exemplary techniques, to successfully convey their ideas with evident artistic intent

describe in clear and concise art terminology the basic ideas and processes within a work

explain how an artist created a specific work and describe the steps one would go through in that creative process

defend and debate an opinion of a given work based on overall interpretation

defend and debate an opinion of controversial works or a series or works