What Are Students Like at This Learning Level?

Art I and Art II don’t necessarily correspond with Grades 9 and 10. Depending on students’ schedules, they may register for one of these classes at any point. An Art I class may include students in grades 9 through 12. A wide range of students’ prior experience with art makes it important to plan activities that will be accessible to all students. The following is a quick look at what you might encounter at this learning level.

What Students Can Do at This Level

The learning outcomes below are based on the Scope and Sequence, which builds instruction sequentially across these levels. Keep in mind that students of different ages may be at the same level.
High School Level I Students Can… High School Level II Students Can…

apply both teacher- and self-generated ideas within a composition

explain and justify choices made in creating a work of art

explore and document ideas within a sketchbook

work at fine-tuning their skills in order to successfully convey their ideas

compare and contrast works of art

create artwork that is impacted by current events that are relevant to society

explain how the arts function as a reflection of historical, social, economic, and personal contexts

analyze and interpret an artist’s purpose or message based on social, historical, and personal contexts